Sunday, March 10, 2019

A rare easy Twitter trade

I tend to not trade on Twitter very much. While I (sometimes) enjoy discussing and viewing cards on the site, trading just hasn't been something I've found very satisfying. Via retweets and whatever other algorithms Twitter users, it exposes me to many more collectors. Sometimes this is a good thing, often times it is not.

I've had countless interactions that go something like this:

"Yo, whatchu want for X card?" or "No thanks. What else u got?" or "I PC Harper, Trout, Judge, Bellinger, Lindor,  and Vlad Jr."

Many conversations aren't even worth the effort. Other people collect differently than me, and that's fine. But I feel like many can't grasp that I just don't have a buttload of sick hitz and mOjO laying around to swap.

Anyhow, I'm thankful for nice, easy, and efficient transactions like the one below. I posted a few cards I pulled from my Heritage blaster, and a follower by the name of Thomas was interested in an Edwin Diaz SP I pulled. He offered up a Stanton Stadium Club insert, and a quick PWE trade was agreed upon.
So simple! No annoying back and forth. We each got something we wanted.

Thomas was also kind enough to send a card of $70-million-man Aaron Hicks.

Will this make me trade more on Twitter? Unlikely. But it's nice to know there are collectors like Thomas who can make trading so simple.


  1. Yo, whatchu want for dose cardz?

    Haha Haha

    Nice and simple trade. Good job

  2. Man, I can't count how many times someone has pulled a card they think I might like and then they're looking for Trout/Harper/Judge/Acuna/Ohtani only in return. I reply back with something like, "Sorry, I'm not a high-end collector. Anything else I could send your way." I never get a response back after that. LOL

  3. It does seem like that's exactly how trading usually goes on Twitter. But there are more people like Thomas than you might think. They just aren't as loud. That's a really nice fair trade for two solid cards. The Hicks thrown in is nice too! Need to find some trades like these myself.

  4. I could not deal with twits like that. Nice you were able to trade with someone that wasn't.