Tuesday, July 16, 2019

While I wait for Ginter...

As I'm anxiously awaiting my first look at the 2019 Allen & Ginter Tino Martinez, that didn't stop me from bringing in a new Tino to my collection. Although it's 17 years old, indeed it's one I needed.

Fleer slash Skybox put out a few interesting sets, and one of those was the EX brand. I always sort of liked them, as they had an acetate-type feel for them, and often had all or a portion of the card as clear cut. I love clear cuts.

While I have several copies of the base card, this is an instance where I had no idea that a relic existed. Truth be told, it looks like Fleer had some leftover bat pieces laying around, and essentially just cut out a weird shape on the base card and found a place to stick a bat relic. It's not integrated into the card particularly well.
I had never seen it until it popped up on eBay, and with just 43 copies made, that's not surprising. While perhaps not low by today's standards, during this time it was low.

Now I'm ready for some 2019 Ginter.


  1. Nice call. This card looks like your standard EX card from that era... with a piece of bat added to it. It's still a really nice addition to your Tino collection though. Not surprised it took this long for a copy to pop up on eBay with only 43 copies in existence.

  2. I, too, and awaiting the release of Ginter! Seeing Tino in Cardinals red will forever feel "wrong" to me.

  3. Sweet card. What are your Ginter plans; busting packs yourself or getting into player/team breaks?

  4. 43 is such a weird number for a card to be numbered to. Is that number significant to any stats in Tino's career or previous year?