Sunday, August 25, 2019


Weird title, I know. But it does have a meaning.

Yesterday, after having to work an event in Philadelphia all day (p.s. live events suck), I got home to find the last Sports Illustrated For Kids (SIFK) magazine waiting for me. I've mentioned before that I get the magazine by using unwanted airline miles from a carrier I no longer really use. It's better than them just sitting in an account gathering dust.

I never actually read the issue. Sometimes my son does, but once in while. But I always first rip out the customary sheet of cards. If he reads it, great. If he doesn't, into the trash it goes.

This month I was pleased to notice another Yankee featured:
DJ LeMahieu! (DJLM)

Cool! I don't have many LeMahieu Yankee cards yet. At least not off the top of my head. DJ has been a godsend this year. Like many fans, I was confused when the Yankees signed him to a 2-year, $24-million contract, closing the door on signing Manny Machado. I remember LeMahieu making All-Star teams and always hitting for a high average, but hadn't really seen him play much.

And all he's been with the Yankees is an absolutely machine, hitting the ball hard nearly every time up and playing great D between 2nd, 3rd, and 1st. He's currently leading the AL in hitting. He's a joy to watch each and every day, a player you can't really appreciate until you watch him daily on your team.

He's definitely a great player to feature in a kids magazine...and for an adult who gets a kids magazine.


  1. That's a great idea. My wife got me the regular SI the same way recently. The writing has really gone downhill and they do almost no baseball. Should have gone the SIFK route.

  2. DJLM is a former Peoria Chief. I had my doubts he would hit outside of Coors, but I'm really happy to see him doing so well for the Evil Empire... um, I mean . . . the Yankees.

  3. I like the magazine, and love the cards.

  4. I used to read every issue of SIFK... but these days I pretty much only collect the cards. The magazine doesn't go to waste though. I take it into my classroom and the kids read it.

  5. You really can't beat free cards of a fan favorite