Sunday, November 17, 2019

Oh there's no place like Doon for the holidays

Blogging legend Napkin Doon recently went on a Topps Holiday binge, and he was kind enough to send me an early holiday package.

Last I knew, he was building the 2019 Topps Holiday set, but was closing in on completion. I'm not sure if he's 100% there or not. To help his cause, he joined Trading Card Database. You can find him here.

Santa Doon's package consisted of a few items, including two broken down blaster boxes of the product itself. Doon has noticed I'm a crafting geek and make some coasters out of old blasters, so he helped send me some supplies. These will go to good use.
And if you're wondering, here was my first dabble at coasters. More to come.
I saw a lot of critics of this set from the whiney card collecting community on Twitter. Me? I think it's great. The design is a lot better than the snowflake pattern of the last few years. I don't even mind the gimmicky present and candy cane short prints and all that. To me, this is the perfect time to be gimmicky in a fun product like this.

Doon sent me my first sampling of them, and I like them in person as much as I hoped I would. Well done here, Topps.
While I remember the pattern of the last few years, I didn't remember this one from 2017. The snowflakes are embossed and sparkly. I thought that was cool. 
Nap also sent me a nice team bag of cards, included some Clint Fraziers. I still like Frazier a lot and seems like he always get a raw deal. He'll hit 40 HRs for the Pirates one of these years.
A nice numbered card of Yankees HOFer Mike Mussina! No logo on his cap if fitting!
And here's a lazy photo of a stack of cards. There was a nice Judge Bowman, and a vintage Bobby Richardson.
Thanks, Nap. As for everyone else, feel free to flood his TCDB was trade offers and pleas to come back to blogging.


  1. Cool coasters. Never traded with Napkin Doon before, but he's like a good chap.

  2. Sweet looking coasters! And I agree, this year's holiday set is the best one yet. I didn't see any at Target last week, but they had tons of Update.

    1. I'm pretty sure the holiday cards are exclusive to Wal-Mart. Check there!

    2. That would explain why I never see them. Thanks!

  3. That holly border makes all the difference. I never had an interest in the holiday set until this year!

  4. Those coasters are cool. Glad to hear ND is still out there collecting. I love this year's Holiday product. My local Walmarts don't carry cards anymore, but I did manage to grab one of these sets on eBay so I'm a happy camper.

  5. The coasters are pretty sweet. I was one of those whiney Twitter people about the holiday cards. Proud of it

    Dude, I just went to check Frazier's baseball reference page to see when he was traded to the Pirates. You got me!