Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Thank you for stepping in (except for you, Napkin Doon)

Yesterday, I encountered a Twitter troll of the worst kind. It ended up being fun, but just wanted to throw a quick thank you to those of you who came to my defense. Except for Napkin Doon, who tried to feed the troll.

I woke up to a hilarious Twitter reply from someone I had no idea who it was. I had previously simply showed a Kirby Puckett RC I had unearthed in a random box of cards, which was part of a larger lot I recently bought from a local guy.
Apparently, unless I am giving this card away, Darrell has no interest in following me. And if I deleted this post, he had taken the measures of screenshotting it so it would live forever.

I came back with a cheeky response that he had in fact won the card, and then he said, "You can keep it. And unfollowed." Oh no!
I gave him the simple emoji wave and was done with it, amused for my commute into work. But then you guys all saw the interaction and sprang to life. It was awesome and very amusing.
Again, except for you, Napkin Doon.
This was some Twitter fun a boring Monday at work, so thanks to everyone for the nice things you said, and for giving Darrell a little piece of your minds.

Except for you, Napkin Doon.


  1. This is why I loathe most forms of social media. I'm proud of everyone who stepped up on your behalf. Napkin Doon is quite a character. 

  2. I missed that exchange on Twitter so thanks for the recap. As I like to say, people are the worst.

  3. Maybe you didn't notice the "3" by the heart on my comment. that means 3 people know I speak the truth.

  4. I didn't see it either, but this is just another example of why I'm down to about five minutes (or less) per day on Twitter. Also, if it was this guy's intent to make an impression on Twitter card community, I think it's safe to say that he succeeded.

  5. I would have asked what he had in trade...

    1. And responded with, "I only collect Trout, Vlad Jr. and Judge.

      Thanks for the recap. That was great!
      Beans' #ByeFelicia got me to laugh out loud.

  6. This is rich. But since you already promised the card to me I don't see how Darrell(or his other brother Darrell) should expect it.

    Did my Jedi Mind Trick work?

  7. I have a screenshot of this entire blogpost just in case you delete it.

  8. Hearing about our President using Twitter is enough to keep me away from being active on Twitter (other than to share my blog posts), but reading about Mr. Bayley's tweet definitely sealed the deal. I don't think it's my kind of thing.

    Gotta say... I loved your response though.