Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Whatcha Doon these days?

I feel like the only thing Quarantine is missing is a return from Napkin Doon. We can all dream, right? Napkin Doon has not blogged since March 4, 2014. But I can assure you he's still an active collector, building up a very impressive Topps Project 2020 run. You should all encourage him to stop being so selfish and sell his cards and take his family on a cross-country road trip.

The king of the Doon-boggles sent me a really nice package recently. Knowing I am a "card crafter", he's been setting aside boxes from blasters for me to make coasters out of. Admittedly, I need to a do a better job with my coasters using cardboard. They cardboard cracks and looks a little weird. There must be a better way. Here's an example of some I've made in the past:
Doon sent a whole bunch of blasters, showing that he's been actively collecting and even Zion hunting.
Very cool! And not the easiest thing to ship.

He also included a team bag of Yankees, including an awesome Gleyber Torres Finest. I never get Finest in trade packages, so I was pretty pumped!
He added to why Gerrit Cole collection as well. Can this guy finally take the mound, please?
A couple more fun Yanks from products of yesteryear! Flair, Heritage, and Gallery?! That's the good stuff.
Thanks, Doon. Feel free to fire up the blog any day now.


  1. The Heritage coaster looks fantastic. A return of Napkin Doon would be most epic.

  2. Cool coasters! Hope the business is taking off. As for Mr. Doon... this is the perfect time to make your epic return. :D

  3. Did Topps photoshop a haircut on Cole's GQ card, or is that a Spring Training photo?

    1. Good question. All of his cards of Yankees uniforms have been like that. GQ was out too early, do definitely not spring. I'm guessing it was older photos from his younger days they used.

  4. Nice cards! And very thoughtful to send you materials to make more custom crafts with.

  5. You should start your own Lost Collector Coaster Project 2020 program. Each coaster only available for 48 hours, a different coaster every day. $20 a pop, signed by the Lost Collector himself!