Friday, March 20, 2015

On topper the hill

This past weekend, Judson of My Cardboard Habit reached out saying that he pulled both a Tanaka box topper and action variation, and asked if I wanted them. Um, yeeeah!
That's certianly something that is reiterated time and time again around these parts. How I can just be going about a normal day, check my email for a second, and come to find that someone pulled something that I might like, and that it's basically already in the mail for me.

My Tanaka collection is coming along nicely, and I've never pulled or bought one of his cards. Just goes to show how awesome guys like Judson are.


  1. Tanaka or not Tanaka? You're doing well not Tanaka! So many generous folks around the blogs!

  2. Check today's post. I think you will like it! (And I'm glad you enjoyed these!)