Saturday, January 16, 2021

Two kind TCDB gestures

Card bloggers are known for establishing relationships and going out of their way to make fellow collectors happy.

While relationships on TCDB are less personal for the most part, I'm starting to see that same generosity flow through.

Two recent occurrences really stood out to me.

I've made a few trades with member kapa64. One trade we were going to make, he couldn't locate one of the cards he was going to send me. Sadly it's happened to me a couple times, so I get it. The card either gets misplaced or TCDB incorrectly marks it as still in your collection after it has changed hands. Usually people are understanding, so of course I was. Not a big deal. It's just baseball cards.

A few weeks later, a PWE from him showed up with the card he couldn't find. It was nice of him to go out of his way to send it when we didn't have a trade in the works. The card is from 2002-03 UD Superstars, a multi-sport set. I haven't seen this Tino often, so really appreciated him sending it after I had written it off.
The next was was from Jim aka jimetal7212. He braved a card show recently, and knowing I was THE Tino guy (his words!), grabbed a low-numbered card in hopes I didn't have it. Turns out I did - womp womp - but Jim was kind enough to still send it my way. Look at this beauty!
Jim also said he is a regular reader and accesses my blog through TCDB, which I thought was equally cool.

I thank both of these guys for their generosity, and for further proof of why TCDB is awesome.


  1. Yeah, I'm loving TCDB more and more. Only wish I had gotten more involved on the site sooner! Funny how almost all my trading is happening over there now.

  2. Jim's one of the few collectors I've met in person. He's just as nice in person. Connecticut has two great card shows which he told me about... looking forward to getting back to them in the future, but I have health problems so not willing to risk it right now.

  3. I’ve established a few new hobby friends via TCDB trades, a few have even joined my FB group and breaks! I’m still amazed at some of the trade proposals that come my way where they are requesting just a few cards and sending me a lot more from my want lists.

  4. Gotta love TCDb members! They're awesome. I don't even have all that much to trade but last year was the most trading I've ever done, thanks to TCDb.

  5. Having two of those Crown Royale's doesn't seem like such a bad thing.

  6. That UD card is beautiful! Really nice design. A lot going on in it. I like the map a lot.