Thursday, April 1, 2021

Beavis and Bretthead

Oh man, Topps Glossy All-Stars. I still remember being at Great American grocery store or Philadelphia Sales or some other drug store, and begging my mom for a cello pack. Three glorious windows of Topps baseball cards, with a a Glossy All-Star in one of the windows. You know, one the looked like this:
It was kind of cool how Topps never really changed up the design on the Glossy All-Stars. Year after year, they were the same. They served a purpose, felt special (at least to a kid), and were a nice reward within the cello packs. It was always fun to dig through the box of packs looking for a Mattingly or Winfield or Henderson.

When one of those guys weren't there, then I would snag someone like George Brett or Wade Boggs or Darryl Strawberry. 

Speaking of childhood memories, it's hard to believe how long ago Beavis and Butthead debuted. I still remember arriving at my cousin's house in Connecticut late on Holy Thursday (which is today, coincidentally) for our yearly Easter trip to visit family. We always left on Thursday night and stayed until Sunday afternoon. And he greeted us at the front door and said to me, "hurry, let's go downstairs. Beavis and Butthead is on."

That was a special occurrence. 

Man, watching that show with an older cousin I admired. Those were the days, sitting in his basement just cracking up.

Huh huh huh huh huh...crack.
What I did not know until recently was that there were Beavis and Butthead cards. In fact, in a recent collection I bought, I found one lonely acetate MTV Beavis and Butthead card. It was one of the coolest, most random cards I unearthed. It actually still sells for a few bucks on eBay, but I'll be keeping this one in my collection.

Oh, and Happy Opening Day!


  1. That headline makes me very glad that that show wasn't on the air when I was a kid. I got teased enough!

  2. Love today's title! I bought a handful of B&B packs when they came out, the only thing I remember about them though was the Scratch N' Sniff inserts.

  3. It's fun discovering cards you didn't know existed. Yeah yeah pretty cool.

  4. Awesome find! Acetate cards rule, heh, heh, heh.