Saturday, June 15, 2019

Not to be glossed over

I don't pay much attention to the Topps TBT online exclusives. Just not really in my wheelhouse. But recently, Jason of The Writer's Journey wanted to grab the 6-card release, as long as he could share the purchase with a few team collectors.

After a little but of deliberation, I decided to chip in for the Luke Voit, as I don't have many cards of him.
The card itself is pretty cool looking, based off of 1970 Topps Glossy football, which I had never heard of. The actual release had rounded corners, which would have been a cool touch, but I'm guessing Topps On-Demand couldn't do something like this quickly.
Image result for 1970 topps glossy football
It was nice to add another card of Voit, who is now popping up in regular releases, like Heritage and Topps Series 2. At least he is a Yankee card I enjoy pulling, unlike a guy like Chapman (who is in every set and I've never seen anyone actually want to pull one of his cards), or Ellsbury, which is a joke that Topps is still including him in sets. He's not liked and hasn't played since he was a pinch runner in 2017. Enough.

Thanks to Jason for the chance to add a new, unique Voit to the collection!


  1. I was just looking at some of these TBT sets yesterday. Something compelled me to want the Fernando Tatis Jr. Cindi Lauper card.

  2. Wow. Great looking card. I'm off to see which Packers made the original 1970 Topps Glossy set.

  3. If Topps ever creates a Chapman/Ellsbury dual auto or relic or something, an effigy should be created for the miserable piece of cardboard.