Wednesday, October 2, 2019

eBay buying from a blogger

A few weeks ago, Bru of Remember The Astrodome and now of a self-titled blog, reached out that he had a few Yankees-related eBay auctions ending shortly. They were very fairly priced with cards from sets I don't come across, so I placed a few bids. I'm glad I did!

My first win was for an autograph of Yankees 2018 1st Rounder Anthony Seigler. He's lost a bit of his prospect shine after a pretty rough season in A ball. His offensive game wasn't up to par this year, and then his season ended due to a fractured patella, which sounds pretty awful. He's still young and has plenty of time to turn it around. In the end, I was thrilled to score this autograph for just a few bucks.
The next lot of cards I bid on were from the re-birth of Leather & Lumber. Any new Judge and Gleyber cards are pretty awesome. Overall I like the look of the set.
I also got sniped at the end of an auction for this Aaron Judge Slugfest card from the same set. However, Bru said he had an extra and threw it in, which was super cool of him.
About a week later, another auction was ending, this time for five cards from Bowman Platinum. Again, Judge, Torres, Stanton, and the forgotten Miguel Andujar were included. There was also a RC of Chance Adams, who has at least 356 different rookie cards and 289 different autographs.
It's always nice to buy from someone you trust. Thanks, Bru!


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  2. It's nice to hear that this worked out so well for you! I bought a few things from a fellow blogger via Twitter, and it did not go so well, in fact it turned out so bad that I highly doubt I'll ever be buying anything from someone on Twitter again.