Saturday, October 5, 2019


One of the newer releases that Tino Martinez found himself into this year was Topps Archives Snapshots. I believe these are small base sets, with one autograph per pack. As part of the hundreds of cards he's signed for Topps this year, Tino was an also autograph subject.

Mike Sommer of Wax Pack Hero was busting 12 boxes of these of these on Twitter recently, and I told him to let me know if he pulled a Tino autograph. Sure enough, in one of the first packs, out popped this:
Mike gave me a good deal on it and it purchased it directly from him.

I like the design of these cards a lot. Simple, but classic looking. Really nice.

A few days later, I won this blue parallel of the base card on eBay, numbered to 50.

I'm actually still waiting to buy the regular base card, but for now, having two of the rarer cards in the set is a great start.


  1. Congrats on the two new Tinos. Closer towards to 1K!

  2. Congratulations on adding two new Tinos. I've seen a few A's that I'd like to eventually add to my collection from this set.

  3. Very nice, I hope the next one you track down is the 1/1.

  4. These are great looking Tinos. I have dabbled in Snapshots the last few years, always a decent design, and the autographs also turn out nice on these cards. Congrats!!!