Saturday, September 18, 2021

Too Many Tinos

Just a short post today. It's been 10 days since I've done so, but I'm too busy to play with baseball cards and blogs right now. Pretty recurring theme. Maybe the end of the blog is near...

Some of my favorite DMs or emails are when a fellow collector comes across a Tino they think I don't have. This happened a few weeks back when Dennis of Too Many Verlanders was going through a big lot he bought on Facebook. Usually the answer is "thanks, but I have it." But in this case, Dennis indeed found one I didn't have!
There we go! Nice little 1997 Donruss Gold Press Proof. There's a little bit of a diecut to it too, which is easy to miss. I think 1997 Donruss holds up pretty well. It's not the best Donruss design, but far from the worst.

Dennis also flanked the card with two gems.
While I have tons of these, they are still so fun. What a great set.

Thanks for thinking of me, Dennis!


  1. I hear ya on the busy thing. Sure hope things ease up soon for you, because I'd hate to see the end of The Lost Collector blog.

  2. Count me among those who hope you keep blogging, even if it's just a couple times a month.

  3. One post ever ten days is okay, I should know, I'm currently on a similar schedule.