Monday, September 30, 2013

Jaybarkerfan Claus

My man Wes aka Jaybarkerfan sent me a package a few weeks ago that was mind blowing. Seriously, it was. It was unexpected, and contained treasure after treasure.

The first was this sweet Mickey Mantle pin from what I assume was a card show or autograph appearance. I wasn’t even born yet when this pin was given out. Just an amazingly cool piece.

Then came a stack of relics and inserts. My favorite was this Pacific Cramer’s Choice Award Wade Boggs. This was one of those cards I’d always see in Beckett growing up. Something I would lust over and know it was out of my price range.
While I have a good chunk of Yankees relics, most are from players in the 2000s. Very few are from Yankee legends, yet here we have a Thurman Munson relic with a beautiful pinstripe. What a great card.
A few more relics, including a low #’d, large swatch of Hideki Matsui.
These cards finished up the package, including this very cool 2013 Bowman Reprint of Whitey Ford. Very sharp looking cards.
Wes, you are the man. Plain and simple.

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