Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Drafting some Padres

Marcus over at Backstop Cards held a cool "Padres Dupes" draft, and I got in on the action. I came away with some cool Padres cards. Not that I need more cards, I don't, but hard to turn some free Tony Gwynns.

Here's a look at the stack. There were a lot of cool oddballs and cards from the '90s. My wheelhouse.
Some of my favorite cards are below. The Medina autograph is cool because it's from a very popular set, and he was a Yankee farmhand included in the big Irabu trade.
Being the generous guy that he is, Marcus also sent me a great stack of Yankees.
I love these old Pro Debut cards and really wish that Topps would do this instead of the current Pro Debut, which is just a minor league set that makes no sense. These cards highlighted players who made their actual MLB debuts that season, and even provide a write-up with how the game went. How popular would this set be nowadays? Think of this year's set...Puig, Arenado, Gyorko, Jose Fernandez, Ryu. Shit, that would be cool.

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