Saturday, July 11, 2015

Robert Refsnyder, welcome to The Show

I woke up with then intention of a Robert Refsnyder-themed post, but Zippy Zappy of Torren' Up Cards already dominated one, so I'm just going to refer you to that: CLICK HERE.

However, a few brief thoughts on the much-anticipated promotion of Robert Refsnyder:

For starters, I'm glad to see it finally happen. Stephen Drew has been weird. I was all for signing him to a one-year deal to hopefully reap the benefits of a bounce back year to reestablish his value. If you told me he'd have 12 HRs at the All-Star break, I'd have said "perfect!"

However, like last year, he's still hitting below .200. Over the last two seasons, he's approaching 600 PA's where he hasn't hit above .200. I still think he's better than that, but at some point, the numbers have to show proof. Everyone has been more than patient waiting.

His defense has been fine for a guy who has been a shortstop all of his career. He's not the best defensive 2B out there, but he's been perfectly fine with the glove, in my opinion.

So in comes Refsnyder to start against two lefties this weekend at Fenway. Interestingly, Jesus Montero was the last offensive prospect with this much hype to be called up, and he too debuted at Fenway. You can't predict baseball, Suzyn!

So what to expect? I don't know. I'd love to see him get hot and win the job outright, but I don't think that'll happen, nor is it fair to expect. He's not going to be a savior, but he can be a solid contributor. I'd like to see him show flashes - not be overmatched, look decent with the glove, and put some pressure on Drew to perform.

I wish Robert Refsnyder the best of luck, and hopefully this is the start of a new era at 2B for New York.


  1. Crud, that post was supposed to go up at 6:30 PM not 6:30 AM lol.
    Looking forward to seeing what Refsnyder can do now that Girardi has basically confirmed that he'll be in the lineup for the rest of the BoSox series.

    1. Well that game was pretty bad but all things considered I'd say Refsnyder's debut was pretty good. Hope he gets his first hit tomorrow. He did get robbed by De Aza though.