Monday, September 28, 2015

A Hensley First

It's been a really long time since I added a new Ty Hensley to my collection. I have most of his cards, so the ones that remain are either very rare or super expensive. However, once in a while one pops up at a good price, and that happened last week.
Not only did I not have this card from Leaf Super Draft, but it also becomes my first and only Hensley graded card. I can't say I'm very into graded cards, but it's still nice to have one of Ty. Check it off the list!

According to Ty's mother, his rehab has gone well and he's in great shape. Hopefully that means he'll be ready to go in Spring Training and ready to get back on track with the Yanks!


  1. That is a sharp looking card. Glad to hear he is making strides in his recovery.

  2. Cool card, and a BGS 9.5 is basically a PSA 10, so yay!

  3. There is a big chance Hensley might come back to SI...

  4. Congratulations on finding another card to add to your collection.