Thursday, December 20, 2018

Kin Claus delivers

Last week, I got a surprise package from Kin over at I Feel Like a Collector Again slash Bean's Ballcard Blog.

At first, I thought he might of been my Secret Santa. But nope! He just is a very generous dude who sent out a bunch of holiday packages. What a guy!

The card that popped the most were a few inserts from the '90s. I showed a picture of these on Twitter with a message about how I missed cards from the '90s. It was one of best performing Tweets ever, which isn't say much. But I always enjoy when others appreciate my love for '90s inserts. It's a generational thing.
The Paul O'Neill acetate film strip is extra cool!

Speaking of O'Neill, I was pumped to get this relic. Framed relics always look cool.
There was a whole bunch of Stadium Club from this past year that I needed.
And I didn't realize it until I scanned it, but this Aaron Judge is a SP! Woohoo!
There were some very shiny Tinos too, including a Mystery Finest with Gary Sheffield on the back. Very cool card, and would have been an exciting pull at the time.
One thing I found enjoyable was to flip over the backs of these two cards and check out the nice, clean stats. I don't ever appreciate the stats of guys like Gehrig and DiMaggio enough. They were absolute beasts.
There were a whole bunch more goodies too. Thanks, Kin!


  1. I've got a package from Kin under my tree as well...going to open it Sunday. I am sure it's going to be good stuff!

  2. A. Hadn't seen that 2018 SC Mariano card. That thing is gorgeous!

    B. Man was O'Neal consistent. At first glance, I though the acetate and relic used the same picture.

    1. Good point on O'Neill. I have so many cards of him that look remarkably similar with that batting stance/follow through.

  3. I'm thrilled that there were some you could use! Merry Christmas to you and yours!