Friday, July 5, 2019

Put me in, Coach Tom

Our resident hobby high school baseball coach, P-Town Tom, hit me up with a nice care package the other day. Tom is a very thoughtful guy, and tends to always check off multiple boxes when sending a package. This one was no different, as he hit three areas of my collection in one swoop:
  • Tino Martinez
  • Phil Rizzuto
  • HOFers for my son
Let's start with the Tinos. I needed this Flair! It's a pretty awesome card, even though this set was confusing with the Class/Row/Seat designation. Just a fancy way to say "parallel."
I also enjoyed this SPx Power Explosion card, even if it is a dupe for me.

Next up, the Rizzutos! This TCMA is awesome, and I love the classic top-step-of-the-dugout shot.
I also thought this Topps Gallery was very classy looking, and even thought the scripted font design element looked a bit like this:
While I've been bad about showcasing and keeping up with my son's HOF binder, I do still actively add to it, and will make sure these cards are added:
While certainly not known for his time with the Mets, the Ashburn is a great addition to the binder!

Tom threw in a few other Yanks for me, highlighted by this UC3 Mattingly. Great shot of Donnie hustling and playing the game hard, as he always did.
Thanks for thinking of me, Coach!


  1. You're welcome. I'm surprised and excited I found a new Tino for you!

  2. Coach Tom brougth the goods here. The TCMA Rizzuto and '62 Asburn are awesome, and I've never seen that UC3 Mattingly before.

  3. Rirruto or not... I love me some Topps Gallery.