Saturday, November 2, 2019

A TTM from the Sockman

Mike Tauchman had a very solid first season in Pinstripes. He was acquired late in spring training, and ended up making the Opening Day roster. He had a 3.6 WAR, belted 13 homers, and played a solid OF. He was pressed into more playing time than he should have had with all of the Yankees injuries.

He also received a John Sterling home run call: "Tauchman, the Sockman."

The one thing about guys like Tauchman, and Gio Urshela, and Luke Voit, etc, is that Brian Cashman has gotten obsessed with these buy-low, under-the-radar type of trade candidates. And that's cool. They almost always pay off for him. But it's like a game to him, and he likes operating as if he were the frugal Marlins or something to show how smart he is.

It's like he needs to constantly prove he's a savvy GM with these deals.

I'd love to see Cashman play it both ways - continue to try to make these ninja moves, while also opening up the wallet and using the financial might that comes with New York. There's room to play it both ways.

Anyhow, back in April I sent Tauchman a TTM request, and after the season my two cards arrived. Mind you I didn't have a real Tauchman card at the time. Since then, he's been included in 2019 Update (with an erroneous RC...he previously had one with the Rockies), so I'll likely try to send him another request down the road if I ever decide to send another TTM request.
Thanks, Mr. Mike Tauchman!


  1. I saw someone wearing a Tauchman shirsey just last night. He's taken New York by storm now.

  2. Fun idea getting the sticker signed!

  3. Awesome. Happy 2200! That's great. I agree about Cashman. He's being Billy Beane! The contributions from players this year was amazing. Moreso than last year, even, I think. But maybe with some contracts coming off the books this off-season he can do something necessary like get his team starting pitching.

  4. 100% agree with you about Cashman. The other thing about him is that he is great at picking hitters, lousy at picking which pitchers will have success.

  5. I agree with Dennis. The idea to send him one of those Fleer logo stickers was a great idea.