Sunday, November 3, 2019

Freezer Day

In elementary school, one of the items on the lunch menu at the end of the school year was "Freezer Day."

I always enjoyed buying lunch on Freezer Day because there was so many delicious items available. I was a bit too naive (aka dumb) to understand that it was literally the lunch staff's way of cleaning out everything left in the freezer from the school year. Nuggets, fries, hamburger, ziti, meatballs, steakumms. All served to unsuspecting kids so that it didn't go to waste.

Pretty gross.

And awesome.

When I was looking through my scanned folder, I just saw a bunch of cards that are leftovers. Cards that have been sitting there for the last year or so without a post to call home.

So I'm taking a mishmash of what's left in my folder and creating my own little Freezer Day on a Sunday evening.

First off, Tino has to be part of Freezer Day. I remember buying this SI for Kids card because I thought I needed it. But when it arrived, it turns out it was a dupe. That happens a lot.
This was a recent pickup because I didn't realize Pinnacle Mint had cards that were printed with a medallion, versus the physical coin that usually goes in there. I have a few of the card and coin combos, but I was surprised that this version existed.
Wrapping up the frozen Tino section, my most recent pickup. It was another instance of me complaining on Twitter about crappy shipping by a seller who charged nearly $4 and sent it in a PWE. Two in a row!
Back in the spring, I bought this card, and I'm not sure why. Probably because "cucked" is funny and this guy's last name is Kucks? Cool signature and card though.
This Tyler Wade autograph was from last winter. I think I thought Wade was going to be awesome. He's mostly been overmatched in his short Big League career, but he was a bit better down the stretch and I think he'll continue to be a useful utility guy.
Stanton relic? I think got it during the COMC Black Friday sale, along with this cool Judge Tarot and Frazier Fortune Teller. The Tarots are very very cool.
When Mariano Rivera got elected to the HOF, I bought the two Topps NOW issued cards. I guess they arrived a few weeks after the news, so I never got along to posting them.
Lastly, spring chicken is on the Freezer Day menu, with this Yankee young'un. Deivi Garcia is the most promising Yankees minor league pitcher since Luis Severino. I'm excited to see him (hopefully) debut next season. I bought this card with some leftover eBay bucks last quarter.
That should do it for this Freezer Day. Glad I could finally clean this cards out of the depths of my scanned folder.


  1. I like Deivi. But I kinda hope he gets traded for someone who's actually achieved what Deivi's ceiling might be.

  2. Great looking batch of cards. We have a freezer day kind of thing at my school... at least, in June the meals are like Frankedstein meals with a little bit of this, some of that, etc. It's probably freeing somehow, I imagine, for you to get these cards "out" there.

  3. Freezer Day? As a guy who still eats school lunches from time to time... I'm gonna keep an eye out to see if my school does this. If they do... I'm going to remember to bring my own lunch towards the end of each month.

  4. I've never heard of "Freezer Day" before... sounds terribly gross though!

  5. I really like that uninimous Mariano Rivera card. The Pinnacle Mint card is another cool card. Good post and we all have those random cards that don't seem to make it into posts. Love the freezer day story.