Saturday, November 9, 2019

TCBD trades are flying in

I'm up to eight completed Trading Card Database trades, with two more in-transit. Pretty cool. I'm having a bit of a hard time using the "matching" tool to find people to trade with. It's a bit cumbersome and clunky. But others seem to be using it just fine, so I assume it's something one learns in time.

The first was a great deal because I got rid of 8 cards, and only one came in. I like being net -7 and not accumulating a bunch of cards. I sent user hilochef seven cards from various 2019 sets, and got one lovely RC in return:
Love it! Gleyber RCs are a nice thing to have these days, and the Chrome Update version is a nice one.

My next trade was with Detfan6897, obviously a Detroit Tigers fan. I sent him three Tigers from three different 2019 sets, including a Jordan Zimmer 2019 Topps Fire. In return, I got a Tino I needed, as well as another Gleyber RC (a rookie debut card from 2018 Update), and a cool Future Stars try-card of Torres, Frazier, and Andujar. Nice little three for three swap!
A slightly larger trade was made with user stoob, in which I gave away seven cards from 2019 Topps Update, and got seven back in return. The highlights for me are the really fun Jeter-esque Gio Urshela, as well as a plethora of RCs in the name of Mike Tauchman (although not supposed to be a RC I don't think), Mike Ford, and Thairo Estrada. There was also a beautiful Giancarlo Stanton 1984 Refractor. Those look so sweet.
And speaking of Gio, I received a sweet Topps Gold of that same card from natemedmonds. I sent him four cards, and got this beauty in return. Yankee card of the year?
I still need to do better about getting Tino Martinez cards I need and not accumulating current Yankees, but it sure is fun to sent unwanted cards to set builders for cards I'd rather have.


  1. That 2018 rookie card crop sure is turning out to be stellar. Just curious... who do you think is going to have a better career? Torres or Andujar?

  2. Grab all the Gleybers you can, he's a hell of a player. It's nice to see you add a new Tino to your collection - and the guys like Urshela, Ford, Tauchman, etc..who inexplicably excel for the Yankees and only the Yankees lol.

  3. That Gio gold is cool. I surprised how guys are giving up Torres RC's. Blinded by the Petes and Vlads perhaps.