Thursday, November 14, 2019

This fan's favorite

As the onslaught of 2019 Tino Martiez cards continues, I've found the best strategy is to wait a few weeks before pursuing.

The autographs in the newer products were going for quite a lot, as Tino is a guy that generally didn't have a ton of autographs on the market. As they tend to do, Topps changed that and has flooded the market with Tinos. In turn, it's driven prices down.

I was impatient at first, but now know to wait a few minutes until the next Topps release comes out, and now I'm able to score cards like this for much less I would have been a month or two ago.
Topps Archives Fan Favorites feels like the most natural set for Tino to actually be included in a 2019 Topps set. It was fun to see this design again, and I don't recall ever seeing this photo. Double win in my book.

He's certainly always been my favorite, and I'm glad I have card that reflects that.


  1. Nice grab. Consider yourself lucky that you don't feel obligated to track down every parallel lol.

  2. You nailed it. Archives Fan Favorites was designed for guys like Martinez. I need to add this card to my Fan Favorites collection.

  3. I agree. This is the perfect set for guys like Tino. I have a list of similarly talented Cubs I wish Topps would consider for this set.