Monday, December 2, 2019

Wait, is this the contest prize? Or is this?

I've had this posted draft for ages, but just never got around to publishing.

Back in the late spring, I got two packages from Kerry over at Cards on Cards. I actually figured the first package was my contest prize for his March Madness contest, but then the second package indicated that that was indeed the contest package. So looks like the first was just a nice act of generosity from Kerry!

The first package was a mixture of Yanks and Knicks. The highlight for me was a very shiny, beautiful Elite Series Gleyber.
In the words of ZZ, woof. That's a pretty card.

A few other Yanks were included, which we new to me at the time.
The Knicks cards are always fun to go through, minus the fact that they know...players on the Knicks. I just like seeing basketball cards, which to me, have been a bit better looking than baseball cards on the whole over the last few years.
Look, it's the guy the Knicks traded away so that they'd have the cap space to sign Durant Julius Randle and Kyrie Bobby Portis.

I can't keep track of all the Panini parallels, but I do think these look really nice.
While I'll always be a fan of the old Donruss and Pacific, I'm not the biggest fan of bastardizing them like this in current issues, although the Melo is ok.
These two sets bring me back to my childhood!
And I'll always laugh at the back of 90-91 Skybox where they had a box with the player's first name in it. So odd.
Here's a nice assortment, as well an auto that was neatly tucked inside! Will Hernangomez has a very elaborate signature, eh?
So I would have been totally fine if that was the prize package, as it was generous and a blast to go through. But then this showed up, which was the REAL prize!
This was a bit more Yankee centric!

My favorite card was a Hertitage Clubhouse Collection of Masahiro Tanaka! Pretty sweet card.
Here are some other's that caught my eye. As I've been saying, any Gleybers right now are very welcome!
Kerry, thanks for always sending such excellent packages!


  1. Woof, that's quite the prize package. Something about being named Ke__y just automatically makes whoever that is super generous with cards.

    Also I tend to agree with how NBA cards have looked much better than MLB cards have in recent times. They're shinier, have a little more going on but not a distracting amount, and they don't shy away from cartoon elements sometimes. Which I can get behind.

  2. I didn't realize that Panini had brought back the Elite Series cards, surprisingly they actually look pretty darn good! All the BK parallels are really neat too, and so is the Charlie Ward rookie, I really enjoyed watching him play.

  3. The Elite Series has always been one of my favorites. That Gleyber is a pretty card.

  4. That Melo Crusade is gorgeous. I don't really collect basketball anymore... but that set would be a fun to build.

  5. Those are some awesome Cards from Kerry. Wow.