Monday, September 7, 2020

"I found a Tino for you"

"I found a Tino for you."

Music to my ears. Given my Tino Martinez collection, I know I can be hard to shop for. More often than not, someone shoots me a batch of Tinos, and they end up being dupes..or trips...or quadrupes.

And I always appreciate the thought!

But then there are times when someone checks my 'have' list, notices one they have isn't there, and sends it my way.

This just happened with good-guy Daniel of It's Like Having My Own Card Shop. He shot me a DM on Twitter and said that he found a 2002 Topps Gold Label Tino Martinez. Sure enough, I didn't have it. And no sooner did I say that that he sent it over in a PWE.
These are some of the best kind to me. There are always going to be big-time autographs from current products I don't have. But a random card from 2002, when Tino was a Cardinal? I've missed a lot of these in my collection.

It arrived safely and is a beauty. Thanks, Daniel!


  1. Hey that's awesome. It's really courteous when people check your have or wants lists and is able to supply a needed card. I'm grateful for anything, but dupes/triples/etc are just, well,...

  2. Daniel seems to be sending out lots of neat things as of late, and this card seems to fit that trend!

  3. You nailed it. It feels awesome adding a new card to my Gwynn or Rickey PC's... and that's especially true for a good old fashioned base card. Every time I add a new 1996 Rickey Henderson to the collection or an 1998 Tony Gwynn... it brings a huge smile to my face.

  4. Glad to add a new Tino to your collection!