Thursday, July 22, 2021

Breakin' with Colbey

While I'm not into the high end group breaking scene, I do really enjoy the Affordable Group Breaks that Colbey from Cardboard Collections runs. 

He's always busting a range of products, from some long-forgotten '90s releases to current day cards, and even throwing in some basketball or football here and there. While I've got large boxes of the stacks of cards I've accumulated from his breaks, I wanted to highlight a few that I just got from him, as I requested shipment since the poor guy is moving and has a ton of cards and toys to schlep with him.

Colbey busted a box of Series 2, so I got most of the Yankees I needed, with a nice Jeter insert to boot. The Florial RC is timely since he just hit his for big league HR. I was at the game but left before the homer. What a terrible fan.
One of the more unique products to have been broken was a 2003 Topps Shoe Box collection. Now, each box comes with the full set, so there are no surprises other than than four vintage cards that are included, but I struck out on that one.
Oh, and Colbey threw in some gum. He is trying to poison me.
Lastly, he busted some 2020-21 Donruss basketball. I snagged the Knicks, and somehow the Lakers weren't taken so I got them as well. The RJ Barrett is a very cool parallel:
As for the Lakers, I happened to get three LeBron cards, which feels like it's never a bad outcome.
Colbey, good luck with the move, and looking forward to breaking some more once you're settled into the new place.


  1. One advantage to Long Island over New Jersey is that our trains run overnight, so we can stay at the ballgame until the end! That basketball parallel is really nice.

  2. Seems like something a Dodgers fan would do.

    The Barrett parallel looks nice.

    LeBron's good at basketball.

  3. Sweet Lakers pull. Love Colbey's breaks. So many fun options and great prices.

  4. Too many Yankees, but they are still nice cards. Sounds like he's got his shipping down; wish the same could be said for COMC.

  5. I was trying to buy a 2003 Topps Shoe Box a few years ago, but they were already getting pricey. It was an interesting product.

  6. If worse comes to worse, you can always use those LeBron's for kindling :)

  7. I might have to get in on of his breaks once he's back to blogging. Great cards, the Lebrons and the Florial in particular. You don't see much Shoebox around anymore.