Thursday, July 5, 2012

TTM Success: Bobby Shantz (for my son)

If there were a Mount Rushmore for TTMs, Bobby Shantz would be on there. He is one of the most generous signers in the hobby. His success rate is close to 100%. I already had two successes with him before, including one for my Topps Yankees Project. But when Nick from “Dime Boxes” send me a new Shantz in a trade package, I decided to send it along for an autograph.

However, this one is not for me. I asked Mr. Shantz to personalize it for my six-month-old son. More and more, I am considering scrapping TTM for myself, and sending out requests on behalf of Joey. I’ve gotten three cards personally signed to him so far, and I’m thinking it could eventually be a very cool keepsake for him if I can fill up a small binder of cards signed and personalized to him.

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