Monday, July 30, 2012

You Sir, are ugly.

Fuji asks "what is the ugliest card you have ever seen?" It’s hard to truly call a card ugly. I’ve been on the end of thinking cards are really nice, only to find the masses think they are ugly. I’ve thought cards were really ugly, such as 2011 A&G, while most love them. To each their own. That’s why we collect. It’s a matter of personal tastes.

It was a tough decision. There are so many ugly sets of the 1980s and 1990s. It would be too easy to call out 1995 Fleer, so I won’t. There is one set to me that just sticks out. It feels dark and gloomy every time I look at it. It’s none other than 1987 Donruss.

In some instances, blacks and greys can look cool and edgy. This is not one. Throw in the yellow stripes with the goofy baseballs pattern, and you have a pretty darn ugly card.

I still have the Yankees from this set, and I do appreciate them. I wish I could say that Donruss designs got a little better in the following years, but I think 1987 Donruss started a run of less than stellar designs for the brand. So when you’re thinking about how ugly 1990 Donruss is, blame it on 1987 for starting it all.

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  1. I agree... to each their own... that's why we collect.

    I disagree... I can't say I love the 1987 Donruss design... but I don't find it ugly. I'd compare it to Pam on The Office... she's not exactly hot. But she's definitely not ugly ;-)