Thursday, September 13, 2012

TTM Success: Wade Boggs

I have been traveling a lot for work as of late. I always say I am going to sit down in my hotel room and spit out a blog post, but then I just end up putting my feet up and ordering a dirty movie.

I haven't sent out a TTM request in a very long time, yet I've gotten a few responses back recently. They have gone to my old address and had to be forwarded to my new one, so the poor card goes through a bit more than it needs to.

I was really excited to get back a success from Wade Boggs. I saw a lot of people have success from him no-fee or for $5. I sent this card without any money, and was thrilled to see it come back. I've tried him a few other times without success, so adding this legendary player and HOFer to my collection is a special thing. I love that it's on a 1993 Upper Deck as well.


  1. Nice Success! I might send him a TTM just to see what happens. BTW, 1993 Upper Deck was the best UD set ever IMO.

  2. Glad you didn't expand on what you did after putting your feet up and ordeing a dirty movie...