Sunday, January 27, 2013

A TTM Happy Ending

No, not that kind of happy ending, sicko. Something tells me that if that were the case, the TTM hobby would be a lot more crowded than it already is.

You may recall that over the last two years,I've had a hard time getting Mason Williams to sign for me. Mason is one of my favorite Yankee prospects. He's pretty much a consensus Top 50 guy, and probably top-three in the Yankees system depending on who you ask.

One time I sent to Mason, my card came back unsigned. The next time, I got this note below.

I figured I was just destined to never get him TTM. Luckily, my pal Paul over at Carl Crawford Cards was able to hook me up with a Mason signed card from his summer spent in Charleston. I was content.

However, on December 31st, two TTM envelopes arrived. They were sent to my old address, and luckily the post office forwarded them. Each of them contained a Mason Williams signature - one on a Bowman Chrome, one on a regular Bowman. I couldn't believe it!

It was a pretty darned good way to end 2012.


  1. Do you get a lot of notes like the one from Mason? I guess those count as autographs?

  2. Awesome Williams autos.
    I've got to get a hold of one of his autos eventually. Although TBH I don't think too highly of him compared to Tyler Austin since he grew up a Red Sox fan lol.