Monday, November 25, 2013

Welcome, Brian McCann

Honestly, this one caught me a bit off-guard. I should know by now not to be surprised when the Yanks acquire a new player, but I definitely wasn't expecting Brian McCann to agree to terms on November 23rd. Perhaps I was expecting a player of his caliber to wait until the Winter Meetings, but it looks like both sides wanted to wrap this up quickly, and boy did they.

I'm bummed to lose a valuable first round pick, but I'm sure the Yanks will at least get a high pick back if/when Curtis Granderson signs elsewhere, so it doesn't sting quite as much.

And I do know that McCann will be on the wrong side of 30 once the season starts, but his number have been remarkably consistent, and I think his power will play out nicely in Yankee Stadium. And from what I've read, he's a very positive influence in the clubhouse.

The deal is perhaps a tad too long, so here's to hoping for a a few good years behind the dish, and then a seamless transition to 1B/DH at the end of the deal.


  1. Alright! Fourth place finish in the AL East here we come!

  2. The deal is definitely too long, but that is the Yankee way! I am a little concerned about his games played being down since 2011, but Cervelli seems to have better numbers against left handed pitching than McCann, so I can see some sort of platoon behind the plate working.