Sunday, December 15, 2013

Listia Wall of Shame. Add your favorite sellers!

I shouldn't give bad Listia sellers the time of day. I've come across some that are so bad or ill-informed, it's painful. I should be the bigger person and move on, right? Wrong. I enjoy Lisita. I do. Sure, 499 credits for a 1991 Donruss common is a joke, but I've gotten some great cards on the site. However, what I'm tired of is clueless sellers. Maybe I'm spoiled by constantly being in contact with some incredibly smart collectors who take pride in their shipping and in knowing what they are sending.

I'm tired of sellers who just dump cards in a PWE with no protection. I'm tired of sellers incorrectly listing their cards and insisting that they are right. I'm tired of fake autographs.

On my blog, I'll now be featuring Listia members who have no business listing and shipping cards. These are just my experiences with them. Yours may be different. If you'd like someone added to this list, feel free to email me. This list will live permanently on my blog.

Here we go. The seller's name is in bold, with a short write-up on why I consider them to be a poor seller.

imacman - I won nine cards for less than 100 credits. He shipped these cards in a PWE with zero protection. Each of the cards arrived with dinged corners. When I emailed him about it, he never responded, and blocked me from bidding on his auctions. Stand up guy.

fredlohmar - Perhaps my favorite Listian of all time. Fred listed a card as a serial numbered refractor. When the card arrived, it was serial numbered, but was not a refractor. I emailed him about this. Fred said "any numbered card is a refractor. They don't just put ser numbers on card for the hell of it." Mind. Blown.

concertlovr - Lists some of the fakest autos I've ever seen. I call him out all the time, and have had several members reach out to me about his autos being fake. He never has a COA, and all his signatures look plain bad. He just copies them off of Google, but messes them up. A lot of his letters have the same tendencies, and the pen stroke always looks like it's been done very slowly.

righteouswarrior - ships cards with no protection. When emailed, says that it costs too much to put cardboard in an envelope. I can attest that it doesn't.


  1. I, too, have won an auction from imacman. Same results. Some Listians just don't get it.

  2. I guess I should feel lucky that the cards I won from imacman never arrived. At least I was able to get my credits back (not without a fight where he turned it ugly), but better than paying for damaged cards, I suppose.

  3. It's not just listia sellers who are clueless. Many an Ebay seller just tosses stuff into a PWE, even if you pay standard $2-$3 shipping.

    Also a lot of sportlots sellers ship in PWE but that is standard for that and most of the cards they deal with are commons, but most of them at lease use some protection even if it is a "card saver" taped at the top.