Monday, December 23, 2013

Zippy Zapped!

First off, I'm going out of order. Several weeks ago, Zippy Zappy sent me an EPIC package that I've just gotten around to scanning. I want to give the post full justice, so I'm going to slip ahead to a PWE Zippy Zappy sent me last week for Christmas.

Kenny and I have very similar collecting goals. We both love the Yankees, and love following Yankees prospects. A lot of the cards Kenny sends me are of current and past Yankee prospects, and we frequently email one another to discuss this prospect or that prospect. Zippy is also a loyal Staten Island Yankees fan, and has a very impressive autograph collection of the team.

These are not all of te cards sent me, but merely some highlights. The cards all clevely came in an opened pack:

 There were two Ty Hensley cards in there. This is a guy I'm probably going to add to "players I collect." I'm really excited about seeing him back on the mound this year.
This is my first Eric Jagielo card. Jagielo was the Yankees 1st round draft this past year. I do have his autograph on a Yankee Stadium team car, but this is my first card of him as the subject.
This is an awesome National Chicle Jeter I've never seen.
And last but not least, a Rizzuto RP from 2013 Bowman.
Zippy Zappy, thank you sir. Merry Christmas.

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