Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Cash or credit?

One of my favorite scenes in Home Alone 2: Lost in New York is when Kevin dupes the reservations department at The Plaza Hotel. He uses his TalkBoy to disguise his voice, and when the customer service woman asks for method of payment, Kevin responds with, "Credit card? you got it!"

It's ridiculous, but it's funny. I always laugh.

Anytime I get a 1995 Studio "credit card", I always think to myself "Credit card? You got it!" I will always be amused by this set. It's just so different and so cool, especially from anything else up to that point.I remember being enamored by this set the first time I saw it. In fact, the Tino from '95 Studeio is one of my favorite Tinos, even though it's just a regular old base card (and he's a Mariner on it!) that can be had at any time for $.18 on SportLots.
I saw this Boggs gold insert pop up on eBay for $.30, and I gladly placed a bid and won it. It's too fun not to own, and maybe, just maybe, will kick me a kick in the pants to chase down this whole set. That would be fun. I just hope I have enough of my credit card balance.


  1. A while back I tried to win a lot of those, but got beat at the last second. I was pissed.

  2. That might be one of my favorite sets all time.

    If you ever decide to attempt building it hit me up as I might have a few cards to get you started.

  3. I recently grabbed a near complete set of these from somewhere recently, I remember it being one of the last few posts I did before taking this break. Love em.

  4. I've NEVER seen one of these before. Interesting...