Friday, December 12, 2014

Tino Magazine from P-Town

A few weeks back, I got a larger-than-usual envelope from P-Town Tom. I opened it up and found this amazing gem:
A Yankees Magazine from February, 1996 featuring Tino! This was an issue right after he was traded to the Yankees. It's funny, when the Yanks got Tino, Mattingly wasn't retired yet, although everyone knew it was a matter of time. I forgot that, but remembered once I read about the trade in the magazine.

Anyhow, Tom found this at a card show and was kind enough to think of me. I love it that so many people think of me when they come across a Tino card or item. Means a lot.

I read this magazine from start to finish. It was a lot better product then than it is now. I loved the minor league updates, and there was even a section called "Card Corner." Alliteration!
Tom also sent me a Pineda, and a few HOFers for Joey's binder.
Thanks again, Tom!

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  1. You're welcome! I'm glad the Tino Magazine was new to you. It seems like you've cornered the market on his cards... so I have to get creative!