Sunday, November 8, 2015

Sunday Holoday

I'm nearly caught up on trade packages from the last few months. Here's another, this time from Matt of Doc Holoday Cards.

Matt is one of those Red Sox fans I shouldn't get along with but do. He's a really nice guy and has sent me a few batches of great Yankees cards. Our mailings are a little different. I tend to pepper Matt with some PWEs and an occasional bubble mailer. Matt, on the other hand, usually waits until he has a flat rate box ready to go!


This one was full of awesome Yanks. Below is a random sampling, but I enjoyed the whole box!

Here are a few Jeters I didn't have. Once I get organized, I am going to count my Jeters. I must have 500 or so that are different. I want to know. If the number is over 500, I may try for 1,000 different Jeters, because why not?
This is cool. There was a post-it note on the card that says "it's faint, but I think there's an autograph on there." Right you are, Matt!
A couple of low-numbered GQ minis!
Two very blue lefties! The CC is #'d to just 25 and is really gorgeous and sparkly.
Two Tanaka RCs, including the flagship issue! I'm pretty sure I didn't have this one.
And let's cap it with a Reggie #'d to 199.
Matt, this was an awesome assortment. Thank you!

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