Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Last month, I got a nice little package from my pal Nick aka YanksandBeans over at The Cardboard Dugout.

For those unfamiliar, Nick used to blog quite a bit, posting epic box breaks. They were epic in the sense of how entertaining they were. Usually box breaks are super boring, but I'd watch all of Nick's because they were just that good. If you have 10 spare minutes, check out his blog and watch and old break. I bet you won't stop at just one.

Nick also joined a fantasy baseball league I'm in this past year. He took over a crappy team with a bare cupboard and did a nice job. Most importantly, he played hard. He'll be set up much better next year with some keepers and a high draft choice.

Anyhow, Nick sent one Big Mike that I needed. I didn't think I needed it until I checked my "have" list, and realized that I only had the 2011 Finest Refractor and not the base card. Derrrrp. Glad I checked!
He also sent a nice stack of Yankee legends!
Nick, I appreciate the gesture. Thank you, my friend.

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