Monday, September 12, 2016

TTM Success: Tom Selleck

Last week, one of my cooler TTM successes arrived:
That's Tom Selleck, aka Mr. Baseball aka Jack Elliot. The card is cool enough in its own right, especially with Frank Thomas shagging grounders in a Yankee uniform. I wonder how something like that would go over now for a movie? Can you imagine the outrage if Bryce Harper filmed a movie in a Yankee uniform?

Magnum signed this card for me in about four weeks. His working address is c/o the National Rifle Association, so that's pretty weird. I like to picture Selleck sitting in a den with a bunch of mounted deer heads all around, smoking a cigar and having a grand old time with the boys. Something tells me this isn't quite how it goes around there.

The one downside is that the card came back pretty mangled. I've been preaching about sending cards unprotected and the fact that they usually come back fine, but I wasn't so lucky here.

Regardless, it still looks great and will have a place in my TTM binder. Thanks, Dr. Richard Burke!


  1. I was hoping it would be a Mr. Baseball card! Well done!

  2. Card I sent you? That's definitely cool.

  3. I doubt Bryce in a Yankees uniform would get outrage. More like... the media having a field day.

    Nice success!

  4. "His working address is c/o the National Rifle Association"

    Well that's scary.