Monday, October 31, 2016

What happened to all the baseball player costumes?

When I was a kid, nearly every single Halloween I Trick-or-Treated as a baseball player. It was easy. I'd grab a jersey and hat, throw on some eye black, and viola - a costume! My mom always liked it too because I could wear sweatpants and layers, as it was usually very cold. It's going to be quite cold here tonight after being in the 70s yesterday. Super.

Joey has chosen to go as a Stormtrooper this year, which is odd because I don't think he's ever seen Star Wars. I know next to nothing about Star Wars, so he clearly has been influenced from the kids at school. Here's a picture of him walking in his school parade this morning:
Lots of superheroes. No baseball players. Ahhhh baseball doesn't have a young fanbase ahhhh! Just kidding, I'm not turning this post into that (but p.s. the games are on too late).

But not one baseball player! In fact, I didn't even seen a football player costume. Superheroes. And the girls were basically all princesses. Maybe once he gets a little older, the sports-themed costumes will make a comeback.

Meanwhile, here's a card of my favorite player in a Devil Rays costume. This is my newest Tino - #762!


  1. I've twice been a baseball player, but both were high school or later (yes, I still dress up every year). I don't think I ever did a sports-themed costume before then. In retrospect, it would have saved my poor mother a lot of trouble!

  2. If you take a look at any mall or store selling costumes they prominently feature the superheroes first (for obvious reasons).

    Plus, as a parent nothing is more scarier than seeing your child fray from the status quo and threaten to base his whole livelihood on sports.

  3. I think the sports hero worship comes later. When my daughter got to around 4th or 5th grade, every single classmate wanted to be a pro athlete when the grew up. Disturbingly, this trend lasted well into high school for most of them. Lot of dashed dreams there.

  4. I agree... games are too late.
    Beautiful in P-town for trick or treating... about 65 or so. I don't remember a better night as usually is damp and cold.
    I think I see two Flashes in that picture. One of them is obviously faster than the other.