Thursday, November 3, 2016

SuperTraders #21: P-Town Tom of the World Champion Chicago Cubs

I think it’s fitting to show off a few cards from P-Town Tom given that his team finally won the World Series last night. Tom is one of the good guys around here, and I’m very glad he gets to experience such triumph! Tom, enjoy it. Hope you go easy on your students today.

The Yankees played a large role in helping the Cubs (and Indians!) get to seventh game of the World Series. I know Tom had mixed feelings about Aroldis Chapman, and I’m sure he’s thrilled it wasn’t Chapman on the mound as the Cubs recorded the last out. Sort of the best of both worlds, eh Tom?

Among the players the Yankees received for Chapman, #1 on the list is Gleyber Torres. Tom was kind enough to send me this card of Torries from 2016 Pro Debut. I was kind enough to send this card to Gleyber to sign TTM. Gleyber has not been kind enough to return it to me. But if he eventually helps bring me a World Series title, I will forgive him.
Another player the Yankees received is former Oakland A’s first rounder Billy McKinney. Not only did he send that same Pro Debut, but also a cool autograph. I still have some hope McKinney will find his stroke and be a Big Leaguer. 
Funny how Topps and Panini used the same photo.

Speaking of autographs, Tom sent me this signed card of former and then current Yankee Adam Warren, another piece of the Chapman deal. I originally sent this card to Tom after the Starlin Castro-for-Adam Warren deal, and Tom sent it back my way. I’ll send it to Bob Walk the Plank in a few years when the Yankees trade Warren to the Pirates.
Tom also sent me this cool 1997 Donruss Press Proof of Tino, which I didn’t have! Major points when someone sends me a Tino I don’t have.
Last but not least, there were two packs of Sportflics, aka “moving cards”, for my son Joey. He got a kick out of opening them.
Thanks, Tom. And enjoy the sweet taste of victory.


  1. Hmm that McKinney looks familiar...

  2. Seriously? That McKinney came from ZZ? I have to keep better records. Although, truth be told, I thought a pretty nice of returning all of the Adam Warren cards to their original owners.
    I'm glad you didn't have the Tino. I took a gamble and it paid off!

    1. Shoot. I looked it up on my blog... ZZ set me that McKinney over 11 months ago. He has a mind like a steel trap! I'll have to find him some nice Padawans to ease the pain this injustice. LOL!

    2. Hahaha, it probably would have found it's way to me eventually from ZZ anyways, so you just helped the process along and saved him the trouble.