Monday, November 21, 2016

A scary contest win

A few weeks ago, I was a victor in the awesome Halloween horror film sketch card contest over at Pack War, run by Corky. I was lucky enough to have first pick, and as tough as it was, I think I made an awesome decision:

Freddy Krueger!
I love how Corky make Freddy a silhouette, and used the red background to accentuate some of Freddy's features. Plus, it's just a downright scary pose. It's really well done! The back is really cool too. I'm not sure if Corky orders these or prints himself, but it's a great touch.

Corky also sent me this Tino which I definitely didn't have. I don't even recall seeing it anywhere. I love it when a blogger can dig up a Tino that's completely new to me. It happens a lot!
Thanks, Corky!


  1. Corky is batting 1.000 right now. I've seen 3 of these horror film sketch cards... and all 3 have been awesome.