Monday, September 17, 2018

The minor leaguers roll in

The minor league season has come to end mostly everywhere I believe, and outside of the guys who will be headed to Arizona to play more baseball or the few late call-ups (Justus Sheffield!), players have cleaned out their lockers and are headed home for the winter.

Hopefully most can rest up in their own beds and start training again, not work odd side jobs to continue making a living.

I always love this part of the season because it means a few TTM successes will trickle in. Some guys might sign when cleaning out their lockers so they don't have to take mail with them. Others might bring it home and get to it during the offseason.
One success that rolled in last week was from Yankees 2015 7th rounder Jhalan Jackson. He spent the season at AA, where he finished last year, and showed some pop, hitting 17 homers. His average left a bit to be desired at .205 (he hit .302 in AA last year), but the pop is there.

The signature came out great, and hat tip to Zippy Zappy for the card. Thanks, Mr. Jackson!

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  1. Given how huge his guns are his HR power is through the roof.