Monday, May 6, 2019

Sparkly Seigs

I know most current collectors are turned off by the lack of logos in Panini and Leaf products.

Sure, I wish there were logos too. But if you can see beyond that, you'd see some of the better looking products coming from some of these companies (minus 2019 Donruss).

Leaf is a confusing one to me. I have no idea where their products are sold or who opens them. However, I do know that they produce some semi-decent looking sets, many that include the game's top prospects. And this offers the chance to pick up some decent autographs if you don't feel like paying Bowman prices.
Take this card from Leaf. It's shiny and sparky and overall a very good looking card of 2018 Yankees first round pick Anthony Seigler. It set me back $5, or about 20% of the cost of his Bowman autograph.

And the seller, guessing I was a Yankees fan, threw this into the package as well. I'll take it!
Unless a guy makes it big, an autograph like this isn't a big investment that will turn into major cash one day. But it is a nice way to build up a collection of some prospects without breaking the bank.


  1. Great looking card! One of those photos where the logo doesn’t matter

  2. Sparkles on a card almost always turns out well.

  3. I agree. I wish Panini and Upper Deck could use the logos. I like some of their designs better than most of Topps.

  4. I do love shiny, sparkly things and autographs are one of my favorite things to collect. I could even live without the logos on that Seigler, since he's wearing gear. The thing that ruins the card is that they've zoomed in so much, they've cropped off his hands and ruined the photo.

    But... that's the beauty of our hobby... one man's junk is another man's treasure. I'm glad you were able to add a card you can appreciate at a great price.

  5. "It set me back $5, or about 20% of the cost of his Bowman autograph." Where can I find his BoChro auto for $25? That's a steal!

    1. Go check eBay. Non-graded 2018 Chrome autos are routinely selling at $19-$25.

  6. Agreed. So many young guys have autos nowadays so it is easier to pick up nice autos even if you don't know how they'll turn out.

  7. Panini and Leaf need to do an all catcher set.