Saturday, May 11, 2019

Very purpley

I've had a decent run of new Ty Hensley pickups lately, but this one is a definitely a highlight:
That's a 2012 Bowman Draft Purple Refractor autograph, numbered to just 10. Outside of the Superfractor, the only autographs I'm missing from this run of his cards are the gold (which I swear I have somewhere but it's not listed as a 'have', and the red). The red will be toughest to find. There I a gold on COMC for $100 right now. Noooope.

The purple popped up on eBay, and I won it for the minimum .99 bid. I tend to think sellers are still confused when I'm the only bidder on their YANKEES FIRST ROUND PICK LOW NUMBERED AUTOGRAPH OMG. But in all honestly, I'm really the only market for Hensley. I've tried to tell sellers this to get them to come down on prices, but it usually doesn't go well.

The purple refractors tend to be some of the nicer ones, so I'm very pleased to add this. And as it becomes harder and harder to find new cards of Ty, I am starting to appreciate adding a new one more than ever.


  1. Love the shine! Best of luck tracking down affordable copies of the gold and red parallels!

  2. Nice, I've long since abandoned the idea of trying to build the BoChro auto rainbow but it's nice to see you manage to get some nice deals. Maybe I can one day too.

  3. Yeah, as a fellow Yankees fan I wish there had ended up being a bigger market for Hensley cards, but alas.

    Reminds me of my most recent visit to a card show. One vendor had a bunch of monster boxes full of old Bowman base cards for... 50 cents a card. I scanned quickly out of sheer curiosity, but they were mostly failed prospects and I can't imagine who wants all those Bowman base cards of guys who never or barely made the bigs. I can't imagine they sell much.

  4. I have a 2013 bowman sterling hensley/Montgomery perple/5 dual auto coming if your interested thx