Sunday, August 18, 2019

Johnny delivers a contest prize

A week or two ago, there was a pretty quick contest over at Johnny's Trading Spot. First 10 comments won a prize. I was number 8. Easy enough!

My prize came quickly, as Johnny never takes long to send anything out.
The grand prize was this Hall of Fame Heroes stand set. I left the shrink wrap on for now, although I do feel like I have to open it and enjoy. I'm not saving it for anything! Still, sometimes I have a hard time with whether or not to crack something open.

John also threw in a team bag full of goodies, including a ton of Yankees minor league cards that should be fun for TTMing.
Thanks, John!


  1. I'd of thought the minor league cards were the bigger deal than the stamp cards.

    1. The sticky note had “contest prize” on the stamps, so in my brain that meant the main attraction. But the minor league cards were my favorite. Already checking on some of the guys for TTM!

  2. Saw some of those stamps on another blog. They're very cool.

  3. Congrats on the win. Free TTM cards is a great thing. Good luck with that.