Saturday, August 10, 2019

The National comes to me!

Unlike most collectors, The National isn't really a bucket list thing for me. If I go at some point, cool. If I don't, I'm not worried. Most of the pictures I see on Twitter give me anxiety versus envy. Even when the event moves to Atlantic City, about a two hour drive from me, I don't plan to be there. If it ever finds its way in to the Javits Center in NYC (doubtful due to travel and accommodation costs), I'll probably pop in for a day.

But what I do appreciate the most about The National is when others take time out of their day and set aside their own want lists to help fellow collectors out. The fact that someone is going through bins and bins of cards, comes across one, and immediately thinks, "Hey, I'll pick this up for so and so" is a gesture that really blows me away.

I think that just goes to show what an impressive community we have here, and is certainly a bright spot in an increasingly negative hobby.
In this case, Paul from Scribbled Ink came across a Tino and thought he'd pick it up for me. And I appreciate it, especially because I needed it. And as fate would have it, I was outbid for this exact card on eBay earlier this week in a $.99 + free shipping auction. It was meant to be!
Paul, thanks so much for taking a small portion of your day at The National to think of me. This is now Tino #887 for me. 900 is on the horizon!


  1. Fellow bloggers are the best (at least most of them are)! Very cool, though I'm with you in terms of not being overly excited by the idea of standing in massive crowds.

  2. I am thinking I might go for a day since its coming to NJ next year just to say I did it.

  3. Just three away... hip, hip hooray! As for the National... I'd go if it was closer, but I understand the anxiety. I'm not the biggest fan of crowds and people who don't understand personal space.