Friday, July 3, 2020

Fuji makes it 3 to go

I recently got back to back PWEs from Fuji. Most were chock full of Tino's. I feel a bit bad, as one 1 of the Tino's was new to my collection:
For whatever reason, I never snagged this 1995 Donruss Top of the Order. I wonder if I had it at some point of my life, as I remember my grandmother purchasing these for me at some point. I recall they came in a small, deck-sized box given it was a playing card game.

Admittedly I never learned the game. I feel like that's a common them with baseball card games, between Top of the Order, the back of 1996 Bazooka cards, those old Classic trivia cards, MLB Showdown, Topps Attax, etc. Baseball card games just don't seem to gain traction. Maybe...just maybe...the cards are enough on their own.

While I wish more of the cards were brand new to my collection, I wasn't disappointed. There exact opposite. Fuji came across a bunch of Tino's and it made him think of me. That's a really cool thing.

Plus, sometimes I get so focused on the next Tino that I don't enjoy the ones that have been around for years.

I made sure to take a moment and really re-read and observe the Tino's. Not just to double check if I had it, but to take a look at the breadth of card designs, stats, and write-ups on the backs. Many are from a time where I, personally, feel the hobby was more fun and attainable. It was a nice trip down memory lane.
Fuji, thanks for the PWE and contributing to my chase for 1K unique Tino cards. It's greatly appreciated that you, and so many others, think of me when they come across Tino cards.


  1. Now I'm curious what card 1,000 is gonna be.

    1. You're not the only one. I hope TLC goes out and spends his boy's college fund on a 1/1 gem.

  2. One is better than none, right? :D I figured it was a numbers game. Worst case scenario... you could recycle them into something cool to sell along with your awesome coasters and bookmarks.

  3. I hope you show us each and every Tino card in your collection when you hit 1k. And kudos to Fuji for finding one you didn't have.

  4. I like the 1998 SP card. I collected that set, but I do not think there were many landscape cards in there. Very nice.

  5. I loved 93 Fleer Ultra. Of you want a good laugh check out the Andy Van Skype from that set, dude is literally about to be toasted like a marshmallow from that logo.