Wednesday, May 16, 2012

HR Derby + Ghost Hunters = Awesome

This morning, I read that the South Atlantic League (low A) All-Star game is being held in Charleston, home of the Yankees minor league affiliate - the Charleston Riverdogs. That team is loaded with high-ranking prospects, so I keep a close watch on that team.

Anyhow, Baseball America (link here) mentioned that the HR Derby for the event will be held on a - wait for it - aircraft carrier. How cool is that?! First we saw UNC and Michigan State play a basketball game on an aircraft carrier in November. Now this. Many may see this as a gimmick (and it is), but I also think it's what minor league baseball is all about. Doing something different and involving the community is something that many minor league teams try to do. The USS Yorktown is a main attraction in Charleston, and hopefully the community is really excited about this event.

So while doing a "USS Yorktown" Google search, "USS Yorktown ghost" is one of the most common terms. of course I'm going to click that. Turns out, the Ghost Hunters - the TAPS crew - did a whole episode on the ship. Spooooky! Here is the episode. Spoiler alert: Jason and Grant think the ship is haunted.

 Here are some of the players you may see taking part in the HR Derby for the Riverdogs:

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