Thursday, May 17, 2012

TTM Failure: Mason Williams (again)

Mason Williams is my favorite Yankees prospect not named Manny Banuelos. I will stand by this statement even though I am 0 for 2 with him on TTM tries.

Last year, he returned my two cards unsigned. This year, he returned my 2011 Bowman Chrome unsigned, with a note thanking me for my support. The note is in his hand-writing, based by the way he signs his “M” and the one printed here. I have seen others have success with him, so I’m not quite sure why I am striking out. The hand-written note is at least a cool keepsake, but I'd still prefer the signed card.

One theory: he is included in the 2011 Bowman Chrome certified autograph checklist, so perhaps he feels that by signing a Bowman Chrome card, this is conflicting with something he was paid for. Is that a reach? Perhaps I’ll send him a regular Bowman, not Chrome, and see if that provides me with any luck.

The worst that can happen is I’m out two stamps and a card. Regardless, he remains my favorite Yankees prospect (except for Manny Banuelos, of course).


  1. It's probably because you're a Yankees fan and he's a Red Sox fan lol.

  2. Bummer he didn't sign your card, but it's pretty awesome that he took the time to write you a note.