Monday, May 14, 2012

TTM Success: Dante Bichette Jr

This is an autograph I’ve been wanting for a while. The Yankees 2011 First Found Draft Pick Dante Bichette Jr signed my 2011 Bowman. I wrote to him at Charleston, where he is playing full-season Low A ball. Bichette tore up the GCL last year, hitting .342. He’s gotten off to a really slow start in Charleston, hitting just .229. He’s only 19 though, so I’m not too worried the low BA right now against older players. 

He has a bit of a messy signature. It looks even worse over his facsimile signature pre-printed on the card. I tried him once last year without success, so I’m thrilled to add this auto. It came back in only 10 days.


  1. Congrats.
    Something in my gut tells me that Dante's going to have the 2nd biggest shoes to fill when/if he gets called up.

  2. Nice pick up A J.He has the potential to go a long way,with which club is another matter.Maybe Cashman will trade him for another jello armed pitcher.